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Baby names starting with "E"

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Name Meaning Origin
Ea Fire. Celtic Baby Names,Irish Baby Names
Eachan Horseman. Irish Baby Names
Eachann Horse-lover. Gaelic Baby Names,Greek Baby Names,Irish Baby Names
Eachthighearn Horse lord. Gaelic Baby Names
Eacnung Bears children. Anglo-Saxon Baby Names
Eada Wealthy. English Baby Names
Eadaion Joyous friendship. German Baby Names
Eadbard Rich protector. Irish Baby Names
Eadbeorht Wealthy. English Baby Names
Eadbert Name of a king. Anglo-Saxon Baby Names
Eadbhard Rich protector. Irish Baby Names
Eadburt Wealthy. English Baby Names
Eadda Wealthy. English Baby Names
Eadelmarr noble. English Baby Names
Eaden Delight. Hebrew Baby Names
Eadgar An Old English name meaning rich or happy (ead), and spear. English Baby Names
Eadgard Lucky spearman. Anglo-Saxon Baby Names
Eadger Wealthy spear. English Baby Names
Eadgyth Happy warfare. An Old English name meaning rich or happy (ead), and war. Anglo-Saxon Baby Names,English Baby Names
Eadig Blessed. Anglo-Saxon Baby Names

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