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Momsessed: Danielle Jonas Takes a Break From True Crime Podcasts to WatchBlueyWith Her Daughters

To longtimeJonas Brothersfans,Danielle Jonashas long been an object of envy and admiration — a hairdresser from New Jersey who landed a pop megastar husband! But we are never about seeing women as “so-and-so’s wife,” andDanielle Jonas has long provedthat she’s so much more. She’s a jewelry entrepreneur, influencer, and mom — all of which means we’re thrilled she can tell us about the products she’s Momsessed about.

Did she casually mention hanging with brother-in-law Joe Jonas and hiswife Sophie Turner在回答我们的问题吗?确定。但如果你u’ve ever seen Danielle’s adorable daughters Alena, 7, and Valentina, 7, you know who the real superstars of the Jonas family are these days. Maybe they’ll one day team up with cousin Willa to form a Jonas Sisters for the next generation!

In the meantime, here are Danielle Jonas’ parenting essentials.

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The podcast I have on repeat

To be honest, just three weeks ago I started listening to podcasts, and I actually love it. I didn’t know how great they are. But my go-to are murderous, crime-related ones:国际日期变更线,Crime Junkie, andMy Favorite Murder. I got turned on to crime and murder stuff because of Sophie. Whenever we get together, we turn on murder stuff, and Joe makes fun of us constantly because he’s like, “You guys fall asleep to this? You guys look so sweet going to sleep, and then you have this murder mystery on.”

The books my kids are obsessed with

Alena, she’s starting to read a ton. She’s kind of all over the place. She’s at a Level 3, so she’s like, “Mommy, I like any book that’s a Level 3.” She doesn’t have a favorite, I don’t think, because she’s all over with reading. But Valentina, she loves anything with a bunny in it. They also loveCat in the Hat.

What I’m currently reading myself

I’m reading a book calledHeaven, by Randy Alcorn.

The snacks I always keep on hand for the kids

We like a bar calledMindright
that’s a protein bar. It helps with brain activity, and can be for kids or adults. Also,Annie’s Bunny Grahams Birthday Cake Cookies
and Bitsy’s crackers. My kids also love brownies.

My favorite new hack for getting more nutrition in my kids’ food

Hood Cottage Cheese
has always been a favorite snack of mine, but my chef sister Dina taught me how to use it in recipes too. It works from breakfast through dinner as added nutrition and protein. You can put it in pancakes and waffles, sub it in for ricotta, drizzle honey or pepper flakes in it to dip into with chips or veggies, bake it into mac and cheese.

The beauty product I never leave the house without

I never leave withoutAquaphor for lips
. I feel like I always need it. I also always have perfume with me. I actually useVera Wang Princess
; I’ve used it for years. There’s a new scent fromJimmy Choothat I love, too, and I kind of go back and forth. But the one that’s in my car is Vera Wang.

The apps that make my life as a parent easier

Kidtopiais an app for the girls. They all play learning games. AlsoKhan AcademyandOsmo
are great apps that keep them busy but stimulated in a healthy way.

The parenting accounts I love to follow

There’s one calledBusy Toddler (@busytoddler), and it’s crafts and activities based on things you can do with them at home. They use egg cartons with pom-poms, or they put a bunch of numbers on the wall, on paper, and then you give them numbers and then you say, “Find the 5! Find the 6!” Things that I just wouldn’t have thought of.

The non-screen activity that keeps my kids occupied for hours

They’re Roller-Bladers now. Valentina’s trying to learn, and Alena’s pretty much there. They also love hopscotch and riding bikes with their cousins.

The TV shows I actually enjoy watching with my kids

They LOVEBluey, and it’s actually enjoyable for us too.

The kid-friendly music I don’t hate playing in the house

We’re such bigDisney fans, I feel like any of the Disney songs. AlthoughFrozensometimes gets a little intense, I still like it. Kevin got all sad inside recently because he was on TV for one of his performances, and the girls were watching something on Disney, and he’s like, “Daddy’s on TV! Daddy’s on TV!” And it was the first time of them saying, “No, we’re watching something!”

My favorite subscriptions for the kids

TheCaribu kids book app, but we’ve been looking into more lately.

The skincare and bath products my kids love to use

My kids, like many, have skin issues, a little bit of eczema. I’ve been trying a bunch of lotions. We like Hello Bello products, Burt’s Bees, and theHonest Company’s conditioner sprayas well.

The clothing brands my kids love

I go towards Gap, Zara, and H&M for kids. AlsoTucker + Tate— they have slimmer fit but super soft jeans for kids, and they also have adorable sweaters.

How I keep my wardrobe on point

Vici. It’s a smaller boutique that has very few locations, and you can order online. Their lounge wear is my go-to, especially during the pandemic.

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