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When we look for moms who can recommend their parenting essentials for this hereMomsessedcolumn, we often turn to celebrities. They do get access to the coolest things, after all. But this week, we wanted to go in a different direction and highlight a mom whose name you may not recognize, but whose work — raising billions of dollars for children’s health care and research — we are all thankful for. Emily Callahan is the chief marketing and experience Officer for ALSAC, the fundraising and awareness organization forSt. Jude Children’s Research Hospital;that is, when she isn’t driving her kids to games and sports practice.

我们如此感恩的Callahan有一分钟分享她最喜欢的书籍,她喂她的孩子的健康零食,以及她的护肤秘密,因为这是圣裘德和阿尔斯克的一个非常令人兴奋的时刻。她落后于幕后Inspiration4.是第一位全民特派团到空间,今年晚些时候推出。Shift4付款首席执行官Mission Commander Jared Isaacman沿着其他三个平民,为圣耶德的认识和金钱提高。他的第一个宣布的船员是Hayley Arcenaux,这是St. Jude的前癌症患者,现在是医院的医生助理。

回到地球上(孟菲斯,致力于精确),Callahan将管理她的鼓舞人心与抚养女儿一起工作Emerson, 11, and son Jennings, 8, with husband Jason. Here are some of the products, services, and pastimes that make her mission all come together.



When it comes to podcasts, I veer down two paths: self-care and true crime. For the former, one must-listen is解锁我们从BrenéBrown,他的数据符合人类角度来看,自从我第一次了解她的工作以来,我被吸引了。在翻盖方面,当我需要一些东西来逃离长的驱动器时,没有像铆接的冷箱一样,真正的犯罪播客就像SerialS-Town, 要么善意的谎言。As a storyteller, I appreciate that these podcasts specifically provide robust context about the time, place and people involved.

这books my kids are obsessed with

My son, Jennings, likes the time-traveling world of theMagic Treehouseseries. My daughter, Emerson, is into theWells&Wong侦探系列,在我的部分是有点故意的,因为它将她暴露于两个强大的聪明,聪明的女性主角,因为他们在他们的寄宿学校解决了奥秘。

What I’m currently reading myself

我在ARM达到范围内保持育儿指华体会网址下载导的最爱是Screamfree Parenting由Hal Runkle,谁也写了一下Self-Centered Marriage。Both books feature the same smart principles but applied in totally different ways. I also can’t recommend enoughUntangled由Lisa Damour,Phd,关于青少年和青少年女孩行为的见解和指导。我最近完成了Just Mercyby bryan stevenson和这New Jim Crow经过Michelle Alexander, two social-justice books that resonate personally as well. (I’m proud of the inclusion and equity roots of St. Jude as the first integrated children’s hospital in the South.) I’m also a big fiction fan, and just read and loved这Crimson Petal and the White由Michel Faber,让我离开维多利亚时代的英格兰。这不是完全Bridgerton那but it was a lot of fun.

这snacks I always keep on hand for the kids

When they aren’t snacking on red bell peppers or apples, the store-bought snacks that hit the spot for them with flavor (and for me with nutrition) are巧克力薄荷区棒andChocolate Brownie Clif Kids ZBars。我也不确定何时或者如果我们永远不会长大的效用Organic Goldfish Lunch Packs

这beauty product I never leave the house without

Cetaphil.face lotion. More than makeup, I’m big into skincare. It was recommended by my dermatologist, and I like that it’s safe for kids as well. I also swear by Cetaphil soaps for the same reasons.

这apps that make my life as a parent easier

亚马逊和目标应用程序are the go-to for school projects, kids’ costumes, and generally last-minute needs. I appreciate that the Target app is tied to Shipt, which I also use for grocery deliveries. Like many parents, I also rely on the YouTube Kids app for safe programming.


When it comes to gorgeous family and fashion life goals, I check in withKhadeen Elliswho is one of the most down to earth and funniest moms I have the honor of knowing, thanks to her amazing work as a St. Jude ambassador.

这non-screen activity that keeps my kids occupied for hours



You’ll find us at home screaming together as a family at sports on TV. We love to watch live sports events together (Go Memphis Grizzlies! Go Baylor!). We also work hard to find家居友好的电影beyond cartoons, especially ones with a good life lesson or sports themed. My daughter and I are also loving watching这Vampire Diaries一起。

这kid-friendly music I don’t hate playing

We love our Alexa at home and Sirius in the car and play a wide variety of music — except for anything with too-explicit lyrics. On any given car ride, you might find us all rapping along to Missy Elliot or singing to Garth Brooks. I’m guessing at some point when they are older, they aren’t going to think this is cool, but for now I am cherishing these fun, carefree moments.

My favorite subscriptions for the kids (and me)

Raddish Kidscooking box was gifted to us, and we have so much fun digging into it. I‘m a long-time Stitch Fix subscriber, and the kids, who love fashion and shoes too, are interested in tryingStitch Fix for Kids。但是,他们的90%的生命在校服或运动服中都花了。它在列表中尝试下一步!

这skin-care and bath products my kids love to use

It’s funny, because our friends make fun of us for being super clean people — all four of us. Our shower product game is strong, from CeraVe and Cetaphil again because they both my kids had tough skin issues as babies. Also这raplex产品,它在小时挽救了我们,用Aquaphor用作备份。每个人都喜欢一个好的沐浴炸弹Buff City Soap,这是一个本地孟菲斯制造商。和我的女儿,谁有长长,美丽的头发爱生糖头发面具

这clothing brands my kids love

对于男孩和男士的泳衣,我依靠eco brand Fair Harbor那especially since my son was having terrible rashes with other brands. ASOS, Lulus, and H&M are solid options for my daughter, as she’s growing into women’s sizes, and the accessible and trendy offerings give us more options in extra small to try out.


I love fashion, but I don’t spend a lot on clothes. I like to have fun and mix it up. I live for a good Target find and can’t wait to check out theLevi’s drop,我的一个首选品牌的经典和/fectly fitted denim jackets, but also their longstanding commitment to positive societal change. I just discovered local Memphis chainstitch embroidery designersWe Tight Knit,所以我会伸出去买一些前卫的补丁,这将在牛仔夹克上看起来凶手。我真的很喜欢我的缝纫盒,享受有趣的选择 - Margaret M裤子和裙子和手枪裤子让工作装扮简单。对我来说最好的牛仔裤是AG jeans,有一个完美的延伸(o much, not too little), sit at the waist, and are manufactured sustainably. I get mine at the adorableIndigo Boutiquein Memphis, which also sells some of the coolest shoes — my weakness! — like glitter drenched sneakers fromP448。Finally, to know me is to know that no outfit is complete, even a casual one, without statement earrings, usually an edgy metal sculptural design. I’m proud to own several pairs by local Memphis designer and one of the most stylish guys I know, David Quarles. His lineIVfeatures museum-worthy pieces that manage to work with an LBD or a white tee-jeans jacket combo!

这secelebrity momsmake us all feel better when they share the highs and lows of parenting.

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