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Food Network’s Katie Lee Is Already Serving Baby Iris绿色如gs & Ham

Food Network starKatie Lee Biegel just welcomeddaughter Iris in September, so the little one isn’t quite ready to enjoy her mom’s delicious cooking. But when we caught up with the co-host ofThe Kitchen, it’s clear that the new mom is doing everything she can to feed her daughter’s mind in the meantime, with books, music, podcasts and more.

While Biegel has been at home with Iris and husband Ryan Biegel, she’s been working quite a bit, too. She’s still whipping up gourmet (but, she says,easy) meals for the holidays for her family and her TV viewers. Plus, she has a new cookbook,It’s Not Complicated, coming out in March. We’re lucky had the time to tell us about the products she’s come to rely on as a working mom.

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The books my kid is obsessed with

“My baby is only 12 weeks old, but we are still reading to her every day, and she loves the bookOlivia。I’ve also noticed that she perks up when I read her绿色如gs and Ham;I think she likes the repetitive nature of it!”

What I’m reading myself

“I keep the bookWhat to Expect the First Yearon my night stand, and I refer to it quite a bit. I also read珍惜第一个6周and use that as a guide. I really felt like it was extremely helpful. I look forward to reading a fiction book at some point for myself.

The snacks I always keep on hand

“Well, my kid’s favorite snack is breast milk! For myself, I always keep on hand snacks that help me to keep up my energy to breastfeed and I really love theGoMacro bars, that is something I eat a lot.”

The store-bought foods I always have in my kitchen

“I always have a jar of pasta sauce and lentil pasta. There’s always a bag ofBirds Eye Frozen Spinachin the freezer too! One of my favorite easy meals is to make is lentil pasta. I throw in some spinach in the water, so that it actually cooks together, drain it and then toss it with the jar of sauce and a little parmesan. I always have some veggie burgers in the freezer, too. I loveGardein— they have 19 grams of protein, so it’s a great way for me to have a protein boost. And it’s very quick, easy and tasty.”

The app that makes parenting easier for me

“I started using theWonder Weeks app。It takes you through every week and tells you developmentally what’s happening with your baby. I find it so interesting! I’m pretty spot on.”


“I follow@peanut。I feel that account brings women together, and it always has good advice but it also has humor. So many of their posts are funny and relatable, and then the next post will be really poignant and moving, so I really like following them. I follow@happiest_baby, which is Dr. Harvey Karp, who invented theSNOO— which we have a SNOO and love. I also follow@takingcarababiesbecause I like her sleep advice. I wrote a direct message once and she wrote me the best advice back: Assess don’t obsess.”

The non-screen activity that keeps my kid occupied

“My baby loves a mobile with the little stuffed animals that hang down. She just looks at them and smiles. It’s the sweetest little thing because it’s something that is so small and simple, and she just likes them.”

The TV shows I enjoy watching when my kid’s asleep

“I don’t turn the screen on around her, so when I get up at night to breastfeed and she’s kind of asleep still, I watch HGTV constantly! My favorite show isLove It or List It。”

The kid-friendly music I actually don’t hate

“I love thePandorastation Rockabye Baby. I always put that on. It’s all the songs that are adult songs but they are made into baby versions.”

The kid-product subscriptions I rely on

“I don’t have any subscriptions. … Oh, diapers actually! I have a subscription toCoterie Diapers。”

The beauty products I never leave the house without

“Well, I never leave the house! Normally I would not be wearing makeup at home, but we film in the kitchen now from home, so I have to do my make up quite often. I love theRevlon lip glossesandCandid loose powderas well!”

The skincare products I use for my baby

“We had a friend who gave us as a gift some very fancy baby skin products fromDr. Barbara Sturm, so Iris is using nicer skin cream than I am. We also usePipette, which we really like as well. It’s a good, clean line. AndAquaphor— how can I forget Aquaphor?! My husband says that I am like the grandpa inMy Big Fat Greek Weddingthat puts Windex on everything, except I put Aquaphor on everything!”

The under-the-radar kids clothing brands I love

“I just bought this brand,1+ in the Family。我随便买了it and love it so much. It has such a nice stretchy fabric but I haven’t been able to find much of their products. But honestly our favorite are theBurt’s Bees onesiesthat are $14.99 at Target!”

My work-and-mom-from-home wardrobe isn’t complete without this

“I have been wearingAlo Yogaa lot, because I think the clothes are stylish and comfortable. I am all about sweatpants, and they have really nice sweatpants that look presentable!”

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