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令人震惊的相关家庭主妇莫妮克·塞缪尔(Monique Samuels)在Target&Raps与她的孩子们

Mom, entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, host andReal Housewives波托马克明星莫妮克·塞缪尔(Monique Samuels)is an absolute delight. I mean, I only spoke with her on the phone for about fifteen minutes but it was enough to tell that she’s whip-smart, witty, wise and open — so open, in fact, that she and her husband have launched a podcast that delves into the nitty-gritty of their own relationship and parenting styles and serves up their learnings in the most fun and accessible way for listeners. I’m now an official不适合懒惰的妈妈convert, despite being…definitely kind of a lazy mom.

Samuels also gets really real about the trials and tribulations of toddler toilet time in her new book,便盆训练“妈妈和爸爸。” We caught up with Samuels to get the scoop on the book and podcast but also much more, from her quarantine survival tactics to the trippy astrology books she’s reading to her surprisingly affordable go-tos for kids clothes — and you canhth官网下载 it all.


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My pandemic-parenting escape tactic

“Wine at 8 o’clock every evening as soon as the kids go to sleep! I like to be in peace to enjoy it. My husband and I, we both have our wine and put on a movie. Homeschooling is like, there are four different places we have to go for homework to pull assignments?! Weeks ago in school, three weeks went by and I had totally forgotten to upload the kids’ answers. Homeschooling has been…phew, man! It’s a lot. But I try to incorporate some time for learning daily, and when the kids are on break they have to earn iPad minutes by reading a book or writing the ABCs. My daughter is five, so she’s writing her name and the alphabet.”

我目前大学英语播客g to

“I mostly listen to music, but I have my own podcast. It’s called不适合懒惰的妈妈,featuring me and my husband and one of my contributors; we discuss everything mom/relationship, and we try to do it in a fun way. You’re gonna laugh, and you can listen to it with your partner too. My husband is so good at breaking things down in a way where a man can understand where moms are coming from!”


“I used to love reading, and I didn’t realize this but quarantine has reminded me of things I used to do before I had kids. Because you have so much time! I’m not used to having this much time. I’ve been digging into the whole anatomy and astrology thing, relating our bodies to the world; that’s where I’m at right now! So I’m reading my friend Manley P. Hall Cole’s bookThe Occult Anatomy of Man。我一直在阅读并谈论思想,身体与世界之间的联系 - 这是一本快速阅读,这对我有用,因为孩子会打断。我真的很喜欢它。”


“I always keep my lip gloss, and that can be one of any brand. I have a lot of lip gloss; I also havethese tiny containers我把乳木果油放进去。我不能用灰烬的手抓住!”

The books my kids love to read

“Currently my son, Christopher, he’s reading and he’s writing; he’s actually working on his own book right now as we speak! I love it. There’s a book series calledSwift Walker,有不同的旅程 - 在太空中进行这些冒险。他喜欢阅读它,因为这对他来说很容易,但是仍然有具有挑战性的单词,因此他可以学习新单词。对于我的女儿是Don’t Touch My Hair;she loves that book because it’s what she lives. People are always touching her hair and she’s like, ‘Mommy, I don’t like people touching on me!’ So someone sent me that book as a gift and she loves for me to read it to her. Chase loves these little finger puppet books, he gets a kick out of your finger moving around. The one he loves most is老麦当劳有一个农场- 就像一头牛从书中伸出来。”

我最喜欢的孩子护肤 /浴产品

“We’ve actually usedemu oil呢我的女儿在冬天会得到这些斑驳的皮疹,例如皮肤干燥,我想这是湿疹。保持她的湿润很难。我以前尝试过emu Oil,就像一种厚厚的脂肪。或者有时,我会将苹果醋与有机椰子油混合,直到它不太液体,更像是糊状的,并在她离开浴缸以增强碱度时将其放在她的皮肤上。我们喜欢这样做。与有机椰子油一起raw African shea butter;我们每天都在使用那个,我的孩子总是有光泽!加Dr. Teal’s bath saltsbubble bath, the lavender chamomile. My kids are always asking, ‘Mommy can I pour the salt in?'”


“I wish you could see right now, I have theGimme有机海藻在我前面!我们都吃了。我的孩子,我通常不让他们吃甜食,直到他们接近两岁。我所有的孩子都是第一个生日,他们有一个漂亮的蛋糕,但没有吃任何东西。现在在他们的味蕾中发挥了作用。我的孩子喜欢吃生蔬菜,新鲜水果。他们会吃芒果,葡萄,苹果 - 他们将首先去做。然后他们想要这些甜美松脆的米蛋糕;they’re gluten free and vegan. And we love the sea salt seaweed, we’ll go through packs and packs. One of their most favorite snacks across the board isAnnie’s Cheddar Bunniesin the purple box. PlusAnnie’s fruit snacks- 这并不是一个充满垃圾的大包。”

The kids clothing brands I love

“I am not a shopper. I go online for everything. But I will say, for my daughter, when I go into Target I come out with a handful of clothes for her. Target has the cutest clothes! Especially for girls. And it adds up, it does. They have the basics there, like可爱的吉恩短裤每种颜色的紧身裤和the cutest little jackets. My daughter loves wearing jackets when she goes to school; she has this闪亮的虹彩外套people are always asking where she got it. And when I say Target they’re like, ‘For real?!'”


“It’s all over the place. If I see it and I like it, I’ll get it. It doesn’t have to be a name brand, and since the quarantine happened, I’ve just been wearing workout clothes every day — or pajamas! I do like to shop online; I go toRevolve。I love shopping Revolve if I go for a special occasion, because they’ll ship within a day or two and their sizes are pretty easy, so I don’t have to guess what size.

“我喜欢自己的一个鲜为人知的服装品牌是这个网站好(联合国)已知。I love this website because they basically highlight all of the emerging brands that most common shoppers don’t know about; it’s good quality stuff without the high designer price tag. Good quality clothes, very couture-esque. You can get something as simple as a jogging suit or more high-end; they’re featuring all the brands that are unknown. I love the title too. It’s really cool. They’ve got purses, accessories — and they’re helping people with small businesses.”


“我们拥有的订阅是小护照。They love to travel, and they really look forward to the subscription every month and what’s going to be in the box; I had to get a second subscription of it for my daughter! It’s amazing, it really helps them learn about the entire world without having to go anywhere.”

The apps that make my life as a parent easier

“没有这个应用程序,我实际上就无法去一天COZI。It’s a family planning app, but the great thing is you can upload our schedule and share it. My personal assistant, she’s on this app, we have everything on there, where I am or where my husband is. Like how right now, you can find us at home doing press; it’s on the calendar! My assistant knows when to schedule things, my husband knows what I have going on, there’s a list section where you can create a shopping or to-do list. So when my husband’s at the store he can just open up COZI. There’s a whole to-do section of ‘Daddy Do’s I need him to do!”

The TV shows I actually enjoy watching with my kids

“和孩子们一起看,他们喜欢看着Oomie Zoomie,泡沫孔雀鱼Paw Patrol.They get a kick out of the puppy Chase, which is my son’s name. It never gets old. We actually watched as a family last night蜘蛛侠,旧的。我的孩子都爱Maleficent;我们一次又一次地观看。”

The screen-free toys that keep my kids occupied for hours

“Christopher, my oldest, is aLego狂热者,因此我的另外两个也效仿了。他们喜欢乐高积木,任何建筑物。昨天我们是绘画鸟类;我们坐在外面,孩子们把鸟儿做家。干燥后,我们会发现不同的地方将它们挂在树上。他们喜欢手工艺品,棋盘游戏。天哪,我们有一个巨大的尺寸连接四场比赛。我多年来没有玩过四个连接,但是很有趣!孩子们甚至会和我们一起参加团队。他们总是参与其中,并且有自己的战略。”




莫妮克·塞缪尔(Monique Samuels)的母亲

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