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希拉里亚·鲍德温(Hilaria Baldwin

Hilaria Baldwincontains multitudes. She’s a yogi, entrepreneur, bilingualmom of five(!) and wife (to actor Alec Baldwin, NBD). But she’s also an easygoing gal who, despite her celebrity and beauty and all that jazz, still manages to stay shockingly down-to-earth. Case in point: Today, she’s being interviewed by me about #newmomlife and her new partnership with可爱的尿布,在大流行中的城镇周围跑腿时,她不到两个月生了她的第五个孩子Eduardo Pau Lucas Baldwin。Oh, and she has Eduardo in tow, too. How does she make it all look so…easy?

Below, Baldwin shares all the essentials — from the aforementioned diapers to books, snacks, apps, fashion, skincare and more — that keep her family of seven healthy, happy, and hopeful about the future. Yep, even during the dark autumn of our discontent that is 2020.



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How I’m surviving new mom life

“I’m breastfeeding, so Eduardo is my constant companion. But everything is good! I’ve done this a time or two…well, a time or five, so I feel everything is really great. By the end of the pregnancy, I was feeling more tired than I have with my other ones. Not extreme, but usually I’m such a get-up-and-go person, I want to run around and do things and chase after this one and clean the floor and cook this and exercise there… and I have to say that this one, it made all that a little bit harder. Once he came out, I started to feel like myself again. I knew I had to be really present; even if you do this as many times as I’ve done it, in the grand scheme of things it’s not that many times in life. So I was trying to savor it as much as possible — even the uncomfortable parts.”

The podcast I’m listening to on repeat

“好吧,我确实录制了自己的播客,Mom Brain。And while I wasn’t listening while pregnant, I used to listen to random history podcasts while I ran, and I’ve just now started running again. Also my husband just started shootingDr. Death今天,这是他与约书亚·杰克逊(Joshua Jackson)一起做的系列really popular podcast所以I’m actually really wanting to listen to that one. It sounds so interesting.”


“Carmen and I are readingHarry Potter- 我们在第四本书上 - 每天晚上上床睡觉。她上了二年级,所以她也可以阅读,Harry Potterhas a lot of hard words, even for adults! Not only is the English British English, but it has wizard words that are completely made up! And the boys are really into星球大战,they read a lot of books about star wars and dinosaurs… shark books, anything scary. Everything is very informative though. And Leo is my big book lover and he’s always trying to take a book and look at every picture. He’s four, and he’s always been like that — since he was a little baby.”


Our mirror! And Edu’s first selfie in it ! If you checked my stories yesterday, you saw that we went home to our apartment for the first time in 7 months. It was magical and emotional. The kids were so excited to see their rooms, beds, toys…Eduardo had never been home before. I got super emotional because it looked like we had never left it—a time capsule. My toothbrush right where I had last used it, my shoes by the front door…none of us ever imagined that this would last so long. We visited shortly and then decided to take this in our way out. We love you, NYC…we love you home …we love you, ugly hallway that has been our selfie spot for 10 years . Ps: we took baths there because it was late and they put their pjs on to get in the car for me to drive them back to the country. The pjs are from 7 months ago so kinda small—I let them dress themselves

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How I spend (rare!) time by myself

“I love to read, but when I’m pregnant my eyesight gets so bad. Which is common, and it can keep changing up to six months after the baby! It’s starting to get better now but was not comfortable while I was pregnant. Which is frustrating since I’m such a reader and was in quarantine with more time but I couldn’t read because I couldn’t see! So, although I’m not typically a movie watcher, since I wasn’t capable of reading I started watching shows — bingeing for the first time in my life! I watched all ofJane the VirginandGrey’s Anatomy.我在比赛中太晚了!”

The snacks I always have on hand for my kids

健康战士酒吧。My kids are into the chocolate peanut butter ones, which they think are a dessert bar but it’s literally chia and peanut butter and like three chocolate chips in the entire thing — and they think it’s decadent! They also do a lot of kale chips, stuff like that. We do比约恩玉米爆米花维生素B12和营养酵母。这对我们来说很棒,因为我们不吃肉,所以如果您不吃肉,您将无法轻松获得B12。我知道这不是小吃,而是玛丽·露丝(Mary Ruth)的有机物有我最喜欢的孩子的维生素 - 我也服用。”

The beauty product that’s always in my bag

“我的皮肤油是Vintner’s Daughter;我对此很着迷。实际上,我们将她放在播客中,妈妈的脑子里,我对她说:“我不知道这些东西做了什么,但它使我的皮肤很好!”我虔诚地使用它。我也喜欢果汁美女,那是我使用的SPF。我的化妆不多 - 我是睫毛膏女孩,仅此而已。我用Neutrogena Naturalsto wash my face.”

The app that makes my life as a parent easier

“我现在正在打开手机,显然是Instagram,但这就是说,womp womp,a really boring answer. My favorite weather app — I know that sounds like a weird thing to be obsessed about, but because I am a mom and being able to spend time outside is survival — is calledDark Sky。It’s my favorite, favorite, favorite one. For editing my videos on Instagram, my fave isVideoshop。And, I can tell you: I am not a techie person, but it is所以用户友好性。我最喜欢的锻炼程序是工作室57; in normal life, I’d go to their workout classes. My favorite running app is映射我的运行。至于孩子的应用程序,我对他们感到困惑 - 他们比我更了解他们,但是他们的iPad链接到我的手机,所以我知道有ABC孩子, and奥斯莫is really cool. It’s super educational and the kids love it.”

Moms I love to follow

“I love following@RaisingGoodHumans在Instagram上,@drbeckyathomeis a really good one for getting good advice… But then I follow a bunch of random mommy memes that are really funny. It just keeps you with a sense of humor, which is key these days.”


“We’ve taken the social distancing thing to the max. We’re extremely cautious; it is, after all, something that needs to be taken seriously foreverybody, but I was also pregnant and now we have a newborn, so I just worry. We were really holed up this entire time. So we’ll go to the beach together, go for walks together, the boys will play soccer together, we’ll do yoga together (they’re funny about that). While it’s hard going through this if youhave kids, it’s hard in a different way if you do. And in some ways it’s hard having alotof kids. But one way that’s made it magical having so many kids is that their playdates and playmates are built in. It’s really kind of amazing. I’m trying to be grateful for this time in terms of realizing we’ll never spend this amount of time together again.”


Throughout all of my pregnancies, I always go through a nesting phase. As I get ready for baby with a few special helpers, I'm being very thoughtful about choosing where I'm buying from and what I'm using on our upcoming addition. I'm so excited to share I'm @cutiesbabycare first ambassador! I love them for so many reasons. Their company has been a family owned business for the past 30 years, and they've always had an eye toward sustainability. Here are a few of the things they're doing: Cuties is the only diaper brand to hold a Cradle to Cradle Certification Their diapers are made in a zero waste to landfill facility Their diapers do not test on animals Their diapers are made without harsh ingredients like lotions, natural rubber latex, parabens, fragrances, or chlorine bleaching Their wood fluff is sourced from sustainably managed forests and is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative PS Cuties grows with your baby. Romeo is wearing the training diapers

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“A lot ofBabo Botanicals,那是我们的首选。就目前的启动而言,卡门是世界上最有趣的事情。她想涂上化妆并脸部面具,并且总是在发明口罩。就像,我要去厨房,那里有一个鳄梨和一个香蕉,她在楼上做面具。因此,我从丝芙兰(Sephora)那里得到了她,这是她喜欢的一个西瓜面具。我4岁的孩子有湿疹,越来越好,但是他的皮肤敏感,唯一可以帮助它的是蜡线。就像我的风My Big Fat Greek Wedding, you know that movie? Put some Windex on it! Put some Waxeline on it. Either that, or breastmilk.”

My #1 baby essential

“For the baby,可爱的尿布, which are great because they’re eco-friendly and made from good ingredients. And you know when they turn one month old and the diaper explosions get to be bigger? I haven’t had so many explosions! Which I’ve been excited about. Before Eduardo was born, we were using Cuties’ training diapers on Romeo, and now I’m using them on Edu too.”


“I’m obsessed withZara马上。给大家!太奇妙了。它最初是一个仅在西班牙的西班牙品牌,所以我从小就知道这一点,就像我十几岁的时候一样。我爱他们的婴儿衣服,也喜欢所有其他孩子的衣服。我现在痴迷于斯堪的纳维亚人,非常轻巧和微风的外观,他们有很多漂亮的编织。我现在穿着他们的牛仔裤;它们是纸袋牛仔裤,这是一种不弹乐队而重新恢复非生产力的好方法!对于孩子们来说,扎拉确实很体贴。在想要拥有更环保的品牌方面,Zara在朝着这一方面做出了惊人的工作。”

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