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Celebrities With Children Who Are Close In Age

When is the best time to have a second, third, or even fourth baby?

Well, every couple should determine that for themselves — some plan back-to-back pregnancies if infertility is a worry or they envision their children close in age; some space out their pregnancies to either savor each stage of the baby years or give themselves time to get used to being a fuller family.

But if you ask science, there is a good time to plan a subsequent pregnancy. According to theMayo Clinic, waiting 18 to 24 months — but less than five years after a live birth — is the healthiest gap in between pregnancies to avoid problems like premature birth or congenital disorders. On the other hand, waiting too long to welcome another baby presents an increased risk ofpreeclampsia, even among those with no history of the pregnancy complication. Mayo Clinic says, however, that we still need more information about the risks of waiting longer between each pregnancy..

Of course, only you and your doctor know what’s best for your body so if you want your children to be close in age, let these celebrities be your example.Bachelorettestar and mother of five Emily Maynard, who had three babies one year apart, wanted her kids to “grow up together”while Jessica Simpson was “extremely shocked” and grateful to become pregnant eight months after the birth of her first child with husband Eric Johnson. And with two teenage sons who were born one year apart, Britney Spears is taking time to consider the possibility of baby number three.

Either way, more celebrity babies? We won’t say no to that!

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